Host family letter...

Das wohl wichtigste an der Application (Bewerbung) ist wohl der Breif an die potenzielle Gastfamilie. Es ist so wichtig, da es das erste ist, was die Gastfamilie von dir sieht, neben deinem Bewerbungsfoto.

Du musst dich so gut wie möglich beschreiben, aber nicht übertreiben, oder Lügen erfinden, das nützt dir am Ende nichts. Trotzdem musst du anders sein, als andere. Du musst dich von den anderen unterscheiden können, denn die Familie bekommt zum Beispiel 5 Bewerbungen und du sollst dabei ja herausstechen. Hier habe ich ein paar Anhaltspunkte, die das Schreiben eines Gastfamilienbriefes erleichtern.

In dem Brief kannst du...

  • ...dich bedanken, dass sie dich für ein Jahr aufnehmen.
  • ...dich vorstellen (Wie du heißt, wie alt du bist, wo du wohnst, etc.).
  • ...deine Schule einbringen (Welche Klasse du bist, Lieblingsfächer,...).
  • ...deine Familie beschreiben (Arbeit der Eltern, Geschwister, die Beziehung zu euch allen).
  • ...deine Umgebung beschreiben (Wohnung/Haus, Kleinstadt/Großstadt).
  • ...deinen Freundeskreis beschreiben (Wie verbringst du deine Freizeit mit ihnen? Was ist dir wichtig an ihnen? ...usw.).
  • ...deine Interessen zeigen (Hobbys: Wo bist du gut? Was ist dir wichtig?).
  • ...dich selbst beschreiben (Wie würden dich deine Freunde beschreiben? Was schätzen sie an dir? Was sind deine Stärken/Schwächen? Was bedeutet dir etwas in deinem Leben? Hast du dir Gedanken über deine Zukunft gemacht?...).
  • ...dich hilfsbereit machen (Was kannst du in deiner neuen Familie/Schule/Gemeinde beitragen? Was machst du im Haushalt in deiner "alten" Familie?).
  • ...erklären, warum du ein ATJ machen möchtest (Wie bist du auf die Idee gekommen? Was reizt dich an deinem Wunschland? Was erhoffst du dir danach?).
  • ...deinen Brief freundlich beenden (Dass du dich freust, zu ihnen zu kommen,...).


Das sollten genug Tipps sein, nicht alle sind unbedingt wichtig, aber je mehr du in deinem Brief einbringst, desto besser. Am Ende sollten so zwei Seiten herauskommen, wenn es mehr sind auch nicht so schlimm. Vermeide so gut es geht Wiederholungen, oder Reizwörter (Disco, Party, hang out with freinds,...)


Zur Veranschauung habe ich mal mein Host family letter reingestellt. Dort könnt ihr vielleicht ein paar Anregungen finden, aber ich weiß nicht 100% ob es dort keine Rechtschreibfehler gibt ;)


Dear host family,

first of all I want to thank you that you take the time to read my letter because I know how much it is! And the next thing I’d like to thank you for is that you want to take me as an exchange student for one year with you and I can be a part of your life. With this letter I would like to bring you closer to my life. I will try as best as possible to describe my life here, my wishes and dreams, my friends and family and of course myself!

My name is Nicole, I’m 15 years old and I live in Germany. Specifically, in Überlingen, which is a small village in southern Germany.
I love the nature here, 10 minutes from here is the Lake Constance, which I like and often go to with my friends.

My school is half an hour away from here, so it’s within reach by bus and by train.
There I visit the 9th grade of secondary school. My favorite subjects are PE, art, religion, German and of course English! I dislike Maths, physics and chemistry, because I’m not so good in these subjects. I’m a conflict mediator in my school and I can try it in the USA again.  
Our school is very new, everything is freshly painted and clean. The school’s usually out at 3 o’clock am. Then I go home by train.
Later in the evening my family comes. With family I mean my parents and my two years older sister Alina. My mother is a technical drawer, she works near my school. My father is a bricklayer and works in Switzerland, he only comes home for the weekend. My sister goes to school, she is in the 11th grade and goes to the secondary school in Singen, a quarter of an hour from here.
We are a balanced family. The relationship with my parents is deep and precious, because I love them above all and they love me above everything. The same with my sister, I get along well with her, we do a lot together. Sometimes there are disputes, but that’s just normal. Overall I can’t imagine a better family. Our closest relatives live in Saxony, because we’ve moved to Baden-Württemberg a year ago. The relationship of us is more than just good and I am more than happy.

My family and I live in an apartment with a nice view. If the weather is good you can see a little bit of the lake Constance.
As you can conclude, I am very close to nature. When you realize how beautiful it is, you can find peace there. For example, I think fields, flower meadows, oceans, lakes and forests are just places to relax. I grew up in a village and have moved to just another one, there it’s quiet and we know many people. But I’m intrested in big cities. For example, New York is amazing, but I haven’t been there unfortunately. I’m very exited what kind of place I can call my home soon.

I have a large circle of friends, but only with my closest friends I do a lot. I get along well with my class. Before I moved, I had a lot of friends too, but now I found my real friends. These friends are all from the christian youth group and they are all so nice to me! We meet us often and take a lot. On Fridays we have youth group and then we talk about lot’s of things, pray, read in the holy bible and sing about god! Sometimes we go swimming with the whole group, go hiking, play soccer, just different things.
If not, we stay at our community hall and play games, occasionally we have special theme nights.
My religion is very important for me, I like to go to church, youth group and bible study group. God is just a part of my life. I’m tolerant towards any other religion, but I hope you like my interests. Even so I have other hobbys, like sports. I spend a lot of time with it, for example I have chosen the main profile PE at school, because sport is soothing and promote me in many ways. Horseback riding is my favourite hobby, I was riding for three years, but sadly I had to stop, as I moved. I would like to do it again in the U.S..
And I like athletics, cycling and swimming and I do it often in my free time. I’m not in a club, but in my old school I was in a volleyball team.
I like to try something new just for softball, soccer and dancing. I hope in my new school I can do that. I would like to do bungeejumping or skydiving, it’s magic.
In addition I just love creative hobbys. One of it is writing stories, actually I’m writing a book and I’m very proud of it. However, I also read books, one of my favourite book is “My sister’s keeper” from Judi Picoult.
If I don’t read or write, than I draw. I don’t know if I do it well, but I know I love drawing!
By the way I listen to music for relaxation and for positive thoughts. My style of music is rather quiet, like Indie, Indie-Rock and Alternative. I like Rock, Pop and modern songs too. Piano, such as Yann Tiersen or Christian songs are very good as well.
Another hobbys is photography. I’m not professionnel, but I love to take photos from landscapes and still life.
I like to go to the cinema or watch movies at home with my family and friends. Otherwise I meet my friends, I do a lot with them, cooking and backing together, swimming and things like this.
I’ve a preference for animals! I even had 4 hamsters, many rabbits and sheep, but they are all dead now. But I like almost all types of animals, most of all horses, dogs and cats. I hope you have pets, if yes: wonderful! I’m very animal-loving and I love to take care about your pets.
Those were my lovely hobbys, and now I come to my person. Primarily my friends describe me as an open-minded, creative, happy and independent person.
Open-minded, because I can walk up to people and I’m ready for changes, to this I’m very curious for new things.
Creative, because I love such kind of hobbys, I do a lot of thinking and I’m woolgathering.
Happy, because nine times out of ten I’m in a good mood, I love laughing and I’m very hopeful.
Independent, because I learned early to take care of myself, I do a lot of work by myself and I’m down to earth.
I think my strenghs are my strong volition to attain my objectives, my optimistic, that I get along well with everybody, my happyness and of course my creativity.
My weakness is my impatience, maybe my forgetfulness and I’m very chaotic. But I stand for my weaknesses, because nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I try to keep clear of this things, but it’s not easy and often I don’t succeed.

I’m really looking forward to coming to you! I can be helpfull too. I can help to do the housework, because I help at home to keep our appartement clean and I like to cook for the family and love to rejoice my family by making a cake. I’d love to make this in your family.
I would be delighted to help in your church, to go to the located youth group, to watch children and take care for the animals. Of course I can bring the German culture closer, for example cooking German too. In school I can tell about Germany, support social projects or the like.

In my life, it’s important to have freedom. It’s very considerable for me to have the chance to take a year in the U.S. and I’m happy to go my ways and to converge to my objectives.
The idea to go the the United States was there a long time. I think the USA is just exited, the cultuure, the people, the everyday life, the landscapes, the high school, the countries, just everything! This live to see, for one time, has become my dream! I have seen so many in movies, reports, newspapes and magazines. It’s not enough to know the american life nearly.
I would like to know more and this from the right perspective, and that from your prospect.
This possibility provide me so much and I can learn so much, especially I improve my English.

I can reduce prejudices and in Germany I can bring your culture closer. I tell them how it is there. My dream is it, to study in the U.S., film director if I can realize this. With my exchange I make a good view and then I know, if I would like to life there.
I hope we have a wonderful year together, with many beautiful memories and a precious friendship!
Much greetings from Germany,
Yours Nicole.

Life leave traces, traces of your dreams!